“I just wanted to send a quick note to say how happy we are with our Z-panel machine  it is working great, nice straight panel and it’s so easy to operate .”

— Kevin Soare

“We wouldn’t do business any other way. We can manufacture high quality panels right at the job site as apposed to pre-manufactured panels where we had to do the take-offs for the roof, place the order and wait three weeks for the panels to arrive. Then the order had to be correct and the shipping company had to deliver them on time without damage. There were too many variables that we were not in control of.”

— Dan Chase Sr. Commercial Sheet Metal

“A big advantage of job site roll forming is that there is minimal waste. We can form panels to the exact size we need, not ordering longer lengths and cutting to size. We can also eliminate the damage due to freight, handling and storage of pre-manufactured panels. Prior to owning a Z-Panel machine we would have several crates of various panels in our outside storage area. The result was high labor cost due to shuffling panels to the job site and the breakdown and removal of the large shipping crates when empty.”

— Ron Quesenberry KMAR Building Products

“We are a portable roll form manufacturing company that serves the roofing contractor. When the roofing contractor is ready for metal panels we come to the job site and manufacture them as needed. There is no waste in material from buying panels that need to be trimmed to length or possible deliver or manufacturing problems as with pre-manufactured panels.”

— Denny McGaughy Job Site Metal Fabrication