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Bill Zimmerman, Founder of Zimmerman MetalsBill Zimmerman, Founder of Zimmerman Metals
Our Story

Company History

Zimmerman Metals is a privately owned 3rd generation family business which began in 1936 by founder William George Zimmerman (Bill).  Today, Zimmerman Metals is a team of 100 people on 10 acres of land in a 150,000 square foot shop, all striving to meet your metalworking needs. We are centrally located in the Denver area, near the I-70 and I-25 interchange. Zimmerman Metals is the most automated steel fabricator in Colorado. Our equipment lowers the shop hours required while producing more accurate parts. All of the equipment is shared and amortized among four separate businesses within our company:

  • Structural
  • Processing
  • Machining
  • Roll Form Machines

Roll Form Division Overview

1st Z-Panel Machine Made in 1990

The First Z-Panel Machine. Made in 1990. Still Operating.

We currently manufacture the following machines:

Zimmerman machines feature our independent drive system and free spinning forming rollers. Separating the drive system from the forming rollers greatly decreases the chance of oil canning.

All of our machines have our patented material handling system.  The drive system stays centered on the panel no matter what width panel is being formed.  With Zimmerman roll formers both sides of the forming rollers move out or in to accommodate wider or narrower material which greatly lessens the chance of oil canning. All of our machines can be used in plant or in portable applications.

Changing profiles on the Zimmerman roof panel machines takes about one hour.  The advanced design incorporates each forming station as a separate assembly.  Each assembly can be removed as easily as unscrewing two bolts.  Adjusting for different width coil is easily accomplished by way of a hand crank which moves both sides of the forming rollers and then moving the shear dies.

All of our forming rollers are made of 304 machined stainless steel, not softer less costly steel alloys or chromed plated steel.  The machines are encased in a welded tubular steel frame.  All steel parts such as the frame and side panels are powder coated to give a tough, long lasting finish.

We have completed ASTM E1592 uplift tests on a number of our panel profiles.  The ASTM E1592 test data will satisfy uplift data required by architects and for government work. We also have UL580, Class 90 Rating on many of the panels. Engineering is available for buildings produced by the Quick Span Arch Building Machine for both 22 and 20 gauge steel. Training is available on any of our equipment through our factory qualified distributors.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Lead the Industry in Quality and Service while Maintaining a Competitive Price Level through the use of Planning and Automation, Performing Work Right the First Time, Correcting Missteps Quickly and Pro-Actively, and through Maintaining a Healthy Relationship with the Environment and Society Surrounding Us.

Making the decision to purchase a Zimmerman Roll Form Machine is an investment in quality, longevity, and service that cannot be beat. Contact Us To Learn More.